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About Us...

The Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) explorer program is for young men and women aged 16 to 21 to learn what it takes to become a firefighter. The program is styled after the CCFD Firefighter Academy, meaning it is paramilitary in nature. This better prepares an Explorer and helps instill discipline and integrity which is paramount for anyone looking for a career in the fire service. Explorers will learn basic firefighting skills, fire ground tactics, a strong work ethic, and teamwork. Explorers receive firefighter hands-on skills training. (Other than the use of a fire extinguisher, Explorers will not be exposed to any live-fire training.) All of these attributes can be used not only in the pursuit of a career in the fire service but any career or education path he or she may choose to pursue in the future. 


Explorers will have the opportunity to participate in physical fire ground training, which will give them an advantage for any future academy they participate in. Explorers will partake in physical training (PT), which will give them insight into the PT that composes much of the Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) Academy. This PT can become an important part of their lives as they learn how to become and remain physically fit. They will participate in academics using the same material used in a CCFD Firefighter Academy, sharpening their minds as well as their bodies. As Explorers progress through the program, they have the opportunity, and expected, to do 'ride-a-longs' at a CCFD fire station. 


Countless dedicated CCFD Explorers have become members of the CCFD. (Nearly 15% of our department were once a Clark County Explorer.) Additionally, many former CCFD Explorers have been hired by neighboring departments as well. The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare young men and women for a career in the fire service. Do you want to find out what it takes to make it in the fire service?

The Explorer program meets every other Saturday at the Clark County Fire Department's Training Center (4425 W. Tropicana Avenue, 89103). Meetings begin at 8 a.m. and conclude around noon.

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